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First of all I want to say thank you too all of my followers. After my call for more followers, my numbers increased by at least 15 yay!!!!

I want to start creating some activities for my classroom this year and I have seen so many wonderful creations that I was wondering what programs you use to create these awesome activities?


Nancy Wilson

I can't wait to check back and see what others are saying! I'm planning on starting my TpT store and/or two other sites with things I'm making (many of the things I've made for my classroom I've used lots of different Lettering Delights products that I don't have the commercial license for yet) I LOVE Microsoft Publisher and I've used it for many things I've made for class. It is on our school computers including the laptop I'm typing on right now. I don't have it on my personal computer...just to expensive to by Microsoft Office Professional! Home/school version just has Word..I haven't figured out how to manage graphics to well in it. :( I was considering purchasing Print Shop (Beth Newingham uses it) or Print Master, I'm just not sure!
Thanks, Nancy
The Apple Basket Teacher

Wells' Tale of a 4th Grade Nothing

Hey Nancy,

Thanks for your response. I have Print Shop for my mac and I like using it although I haven't mastered all the features yet, but I'm sure if I did some tutorials it would be much easier to use.


I just use word to create activities. I do however, make them cuter by adding fonts and graphics from lettering delights. Then I turn them into PDF files before uploading them to various sites.

Vintage Teacher
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Vintage Teacher

Buying the commercial rights to use Lettering Delights on TPT products is expensive. They are cute though.

I usually make my things in PowerPoint then save them into PDF. I think it is easier to work with the graphics.

Anything made on a computer belonging to the school where I work, legally belongs to the district. This is true even if you make it on off contract time. You are lucky to have that available to you and to not have ownership of your work belonging to the district.

Digi web is having a sale on graphics right now. I buy her graphics that you don't have to have a license for. There is a link on my blog to her site.

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