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I can't believe how addicted I am to teaching blogs. Everyday I tell myself that I am going to get some work done, but then spend most of my time checking out all the wonderful blogs.

On another note, I need some help and advice about my reading program this year. I have never really implemented readers workshop, but would love to. I have read the Daily 5 books and also the Book Whisperer and would love to do both in my classroom this year. I am just feeling extremely overwhelmed and do not know really where to start. I have never really taught the genres specifically before and I admit I am a bit nervous. Any upper elementary grades have any ideas for how they will be conducting their reading classes this year?  


Mrs. Foreman

What a great topic to start! I am eager to see what others post! I too have read and implemented Daily 5 in my classroom last year, and after reading about how great The Book Whisperer is I just bought it for my Kindle like 10 minutes ago and I am looking forward to reading it. So finding out how to mesh these 2 would be great! I hope you don't mind if I stalk this post and snag some ideas.

Mrs. Shepherd

I am sooo glad I am not the only 4th grade teacher who feels overwhelmed. I just don't know how to fit everything I teach into my schedule. Do you use the textbook? I found a schedule for Readers's Workshop that suggested a 10-15 min. mini-lesson then individual read time or listening to reading using the leveled reader for 20 min. Then another 10 min. lesson maybe reviewing the skill and then individual reading time with self selected books for 20 minutes. That is a 60 minute block for reading which is great for me!. I plan to only do groups T-TH, with Monday for Reading Assessments and introducing new skills,and conferring with students. Fridays will be for more conferencing with students and letter reflection writing on either their self-selected books or leveled readers for an assessment grade using a rubric. I have to have a test and participation grade every week.

Mrs. Shepherd

Also, Laura Chandler's Power Reading Workshop is a great tool. This is what I am using for the first few weeks.

Teach 3 & 4

I do the Daily 5 and CAFE with my class (combo 3/4) and it works really well. I acually only do a Daily 3 - I start the year with the whole Daily 5, but honestly found my grade 4s were a little too advanced for listen to reading and they had a younger buddy class that they partner read with already, so I switched it up to Daily 3 and I will keep it the same for the coming year. I have incorporated my basal into my mini lessons and then use different sections of it again during small group time, this way I will cover it all in a year.

Pat's Paper Passion

I use the CAFE board and love it. I have a Read to Self every day. We work our way to 25 minutes every day. This is when I listen to students read and assess and assign strategies. My writing time is called Work on Writing and it's a workshop format. My students may do listen to reading and word work (I use word sorts) any time their work in complete.

My district has a basal for reading and I use the CAFE strategies that match the weekly strategy.

I suggest starting out with baby steps and working your way along the daily 5 and CAFE model. You can implement it any time during the year. The Sisters have a wonderful website at I am a member and it's well worth the price. There are great videos and an email weekly update.

I love this reading time since kids are reading books at their level, their choice, and their interest.


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Fabulous 4th Grade

Good Luck

Wells' Tale of a 4th Grade Nothing

These are wonderful ideas. We do have a basal, but last year we did not use it. We focused on particular comprehension skills each week and then had weekly practice tests to prepare for FCAT. I would really like to give my students MORE QUALITY time for independent reading. I'm just a little unsure about all the other components of the Daily 5. Any ideas for how to teach the different genres?

Pat's Paper Passion

I'd suggest teaching the genres during read aloud time. I tend to read fantasies during this time but if I knew I had to cover other genres I might.

If you're going to use the reading workshop format, then the 10-15 minute mini-lesson could be a genre study say once a week...your choice on frequency.

You could call my Daily 5 just daily 3 :)



I would so love to give advise on this one!! I can't wait for school to start and get back into my D5 and Cafe. I use other things to help set up my workshop. My best advise is to take your time!! One day at a time and don't be ashamed to hold the darn book in your lap! Try to focus on the short term until you get less stressed! If you get your routines set and your expectations ironed out you will be set! Thanks for entering my giveaway!!
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher


I just stopped by to say thank you for entering my giveaway! I'm your newest follower!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher


I haven't read the Cafe book because I've heard some poor reviews and, like you, I feel like there's a lot on my plate already. If you are interested genre study I highly recommend Katie Wood Ray's Study Driven. This book is amazing and changed my teaching life! Teaching in this way can help bridge reading and writing. I also found Patrick Allen's Conferring: The Keystone of Reader's Workshop to be really helpful.

I am all about kids spending a ton of time reading self selected books and conferring. Let us know how the Daily 5 works for you!
(I rarely post to blogs but I couldn't resist when you mentioned The Book Whisperer - be still my heart, I love her so!!)



I am your newest follower!!!! I am also addicted to teaching blogs...ahh!!! We just can't help ourselves.

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